WhatsApp share User Data with Facebook

Facebook is considered to be one of the best online social media platforms; it has gained a huge amount of popularity amongst the people. It has been around 12 years down the lane since they started their venture. Now they have reached the heights that no one could have ever thought off. That is the kind of impact which this particular social media has made amongst the billions of people around the world.This particular social media has created a storm in making the people stay connected with people across the world. It is a fact that, there are millions of people who were able to find their long lost friends through this platform. Facebook has been a great boon to the people across the world, they were to stay updated with the happenings around the world, make new friends and have never ending conversations with friends.

Over a period of time, it did grow to a great amount of popularity and made through all the obstacles it had to face. After a certain time, it became a common thing to have a social account on the Facebook for the people. In the recent survey conducted in the final quarter of 2016, it is said that there are around 1.86 billion users on Facebook and it is a significant number and it cannot go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, there was another company which started to gain popularity amongst the people. WhatsApp, which is a messenger app started to grab the attention of the people and they started to use it. It started to gain a huge amount of the user database and over a period of time, the users started to spend more time on this particular app.

In the year 2014, Facebook decided to buy WhatsApp, as it realized that, this app has reached the heights of the fame. The company acquired it for a whopping 19 billion dollars and now WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it has been around 2 years now. There was a recent update made by WhatsApp with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.

Now, the officials at WhatsApp stated that they will share the user data with Facebook. They state that the users will not be seeing any kind of advertisements in the app itself. The main reason behind sharing the user data is to show up the friends who might we know through the Facebook section “You may also know”. With this feature, we will be able to find our friends easily on the social media.

If we go ahead and read through the new updated terms and conditions, we can see that this a mere small change which has taken place in the app. We can say that there will many changes happening in the app as well. In the recent times, there have been many changes happening in the app and it is now filled with new updated features.

It is said that from now WhatsApp might appear to look like a different platform, from just being a platform for exchanging messages with our friends. Post-2012, this is the first time WhatsApp has made an initiative to change the policy terms. In the terms, it was stated that the information which is shared by the user on WhatsApp, will not be shared on Facebook by any means.

Apart from that, it is also stated that the messages which have been shared have end-end encrypted and it will not be retained once the message is delivered to the respective person. Even we are sharing our phone number with Facebook, which we are using on WhatsApp; there will be no interference at all. There are around1.2 billion active users on WhatsApp, but, unfortunately, the company has been unable to make great revenue out of it.

On the flip side, WeChat which is from China is said to be considered an e-commerce platform. People will be able to hail taxis and even make money transfers through it. Apart from that, there is a possibility to publish advertisements inside the app as well. This is not applicable for WhatsApp, as the interface for the system has not been designed with that aspect.

We can say that WhatsApp is changing its approach and now they are planning to integrate the system with business prospects. It is said that they want to communicate businesses through the app. To list a few of the elements the information regarding the order, purchase, payment, delivery and few other things which are involved in the business.

It wants to get into this field of business, where the particular user receives different notifications through messages. There are possibilities that the messages which the people will have discount offers which might be of interest to the user. They have made the initiative to go down this particular path, we not sure with the fact that whether people will acknowledge with it.

By sharing the user data with Facebook, it is clear that there will be more branding happening around. We can say that WhatsApp is making an attempt to get into to commercial advertising of products through messages. In fact, it is a replacement of the high quantity of text messaging as SMS. One of the undeniable facts is that WhatsApp has never been an organization which is focused on Revenue.

There is a policy which they have followed is no advertisements, they were aware of the fact, users feel ads to be a hindrance while they are texting to someone. The app was launched as a paid version for the iOS, but over the period of time, it deferred with the payment from most of the users. In the year 2016, we can state that the app went on the free version of the app comprehensively.

They have finally figured out a way, in which the ads will be working and it is a starting point for the app to start making money in fact. There will many different ways in which we will be using the app in the near future. We can expect to receive notifications from the airlines, banks and the online shopping websites with great offers as well.

It is a great prospect for the people who are involved in the field of business. They will be able to provide services to the people in a more efficient and effective way. The entrepreneurs can use different mediums through which they can endorse their product to the customers. In the initial stages of the launch of the app, it was clearly stated that, no personal information by any means. Later on, it was a bit modified.

In that case, if we consider the present situation, we can say that they want to explore different ways to serve the people better on the business front. We can say that the banks have started to use social media platforms and WhatsApp to make the transactions hassle free and effective. They have made an initiative in creating a medium for the people to be able to make online transactions at ease.

Meanwhile, the user data on the WhatsApp will be shared with Facebook to improvise the way people are getting connected with their friends. This makes the users feel insecure as that will their privacy be at stake by any means. The officials have made it clear that the user’s privacy will not be affected by any means, no matter what. It will show us the offers and ads with the data which has been shared through Facebook, for time being this is the update which they have to provide with the updated terms of the policy. We can say that in the near future we will get to see a new WhatsApp, where it has started to make revenue and progress through it.


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